Shiva Steel Fabricators

Top 5 Best Galvanized Sheet Manufacturers in Delhi

Top 5 Best Galvanized Sheet Manufacturer in Delhi

Shiva Steel Fabricators is known as one of the Top 5 Best Galvanized Sheet Manufacturers in Delhi, India. Established by Mr. Rahul Mangla in 2000, Shiva Steel Fabricators was established to provide authentic and durable storage solutions for various industries.

The storage solutions systems offered by us impart the freedom to the customers to customize and our USP is that we immensely pride ourselves on the fact that our storage solutions and racks are extremely simple, smart, and strategic. This aspect has greatly appealed to customers at a broad level and thus they get compelled to buy our products from our website at reasonable prices.

Galvanized Sheets Wholesale Supplier in Delhi

The storage solutions that are provided by our company are truly state-of-the-art to be precise and they help in restoring the faith of the customers in the old-school model of the racks, trays, shafts, and trays, as we are competent enough to justify that old is gold.

This is the reason that the customers can simply rely on our shoulders with a carefree smile to break free from their old thought patterns as far as the quality of the storage solutions is concerned. We are experts when it comes to completing projects and finishing products on time and this habit of ours has skyrocketed our performance.

What Client's Say?

What Can Cable Trays Be Used for?

Cable tray can be used for intercom systems, industrial control systems, power extensions, petrochemical refineries, and various other high power functions.

Are cantilever racks interchangeable?

Arms having different sizes on the racks can be interchanged to provide the tailor system for specific use.

How many kinds of TMT bars are there?

There are 4 different grades of TMT bars. The grades are given based on their rigidity and strength.

How long does a galvanized sheet endure?

A vital advantage of utilizing Hot Dip Galvanizing is its long-lasting nature. Information shows that galvanizing can give between 34-170 years of protection for steel.

What are slotted angles utilized for?

Slotted angle is utilized to construct frames, equipment stands, shelving, work benches & other structures.

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