Slotted Angle

Slotted Angle in Delhi

Slotted angle is a system of reusable metal components used to build shelving, frames, workbenches, equipment stands, and other structures. Shiva Steel Fabricators is the renowned provider of the best quality Slotted Angle in Delhi. As their name suggests, they are made up of longitudinally folded metal strips that are punched with elongated slots at regular intervals to enable the assembly of structures fastened with nuts and bolts. The most common material used to make slotted angles is steel. 

Slotted Angle Manufacturers in Delhi

The slotted angle racks we offer at affordable prices are widely used in almost every industry. Shiva Steel Fabricators  is the most trusted Slotted Angle Manufacturers in Delhi. They are the most economical racking and shelving option. These racks are made from the finest materials to ensure high durability and reliability. These racks are exceptionally functional and significantly enhance productivity by making more space for the storage of goods. We provide high-quality racks and angles to fulfill storage needs.

Slotted Angle Rack Suppliers in India

They are highly appreciated because of their heavy-duty, lightweight, and effective space management features. These racks can be relocated conveniently and transported with the help of a forklift. We are the major Slotted Angle Rack Suppliers in India. The sturdy structure of these premium racks offers great resilience. 

These racks offered by our company give a professional look to any warehousing facility or distribution center. Our company is the chief Slotted Angle Rack Exporters in India. The slotted angled racks are long-lasting and require minimum maintenance. They can be altered in terms of size, height, and width.

MS Slotted Angle

Despite being a minor part of a vast storage system, slotted angles are an extremely essential manufacturing component. Shiva Steel Fabricators is a trustworthy provider of superior-quality MS Slotted Angles in Delhi. Our mild steel slotted angles have a very high tensile strength due to the 90-degree perpendicular bend.

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Galvanised Slotted Angle

Pre-galvanized steel is typically used to make galvanized slotted angles. Shiva Steel Fabricators is committed to offering premium quality Galvanized Slotted Angles in Delhi. These slotted angles have both circular and multi-directional slotted holes punched into them. These can also be built into shelving, tables, racks, and displays, among many other things.

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